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About us

Tracking vehicles, persons and movable assets is fast growing innovative technology across the globe. By having full control on their fleet and field staff, companies save lot of money and have efficient management, ontime support to their clients.

Trackua is a dedicated to giving the consumer up to date information on the latest in GPS tracking technologies. We test and review all forms of GPS tracking systems—both real time systems and passive data loggers. Whether you are in a business and wish to track your employees’ whereabouts or simply want to keep tabs on your loved ones, Trackua will help you determine what’s available on the market today, and provide a better understanding of how to meet your GPS tracking needs for your business and/or personal life.

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Why choose us?

Trackua Infosystem is backed by well experienced professionals dedicated to providing leading-edge tracking service. Our vision is to provide low-cost and simple to use applications that enable the tracking of any number of targets wherever and whenever the user chooses.

Our commitment to the business world and to the consumer is to provide the solution to today's needs for personal tracking, asset tracking and vehicle tracking system in India as well as abroad at the cheapest possible price – Our mission is to provide tracking benefits to the to the customers by combining the following blend of features – price, performance and support.

Trackua was conceived by a blend of security industry experts and world leading marketing individuals who are at the cutting edge of consumer and business networking and connectivity.

  • Informative


    We revolutionize the way trackers are used across the world and as people get used to the concept that they CAN protect their valuable possessions including children, loved ones and key personnel then expect the industry to change dramatically.

  • Outstanding Customer Service


    We value our customers and recognizes their need for outstanding customer service. We are not satisfied until our customers are.

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    We are leading the world in the way trackers are utilized by everyday businesses and consumers alike, in the current economic climate we are providing the worlds best tracking technology at a cost that other leading tracker companies cannot compete with.

Advantages to work with us

We are dealing with high goal oriented software services and supplying the material which are needed for that purpose. Trackua Infosystem is providing its own GPS Devices and services for the clients. These services and devices are used for the high security and keeping track of the company vehicles.

Our wide spacious Infrastructure is equipped with different units of supply, quality inspection and R&D.

  • First step

    Domain expertise

    Our team is a professionally managed and with sound knowledge in the domain with the support of qualified and experienced manpower.

  • Second step

    Diverse delivery experience

    Our team has worked with customers from all the geographies. We are also powering the tracking systems for a number of businesses.

  • Third step

    Strong roadmap and focus

    Our focus is give best of available technology in tracking area to ensure catering to all our customers' future needs.

  • Fourth step

    Client Relation

    We have demonstrated excellent performance by way of meeting the delivery schedules with unflinching quality.

Meet the workforce

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