Trackua Infosystem


GPS fleet tracking alerts are critical for monitoring undesired driving behaviour. By setting an alert, you will be notified in real time when unwanted driving behaviour occurs (e.g. speeding, extended idling, entering areas they shouldn't be, etc.)

These email alerts can be delivered to any number of recipients. In addition, alerts are stored in the Fleetmatics fleet reports system for later reporting.Users can create and modify alerts for groups or individual vehicles and have notifications sent automatically via email or SMS message.

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    Vehicle Maintenance Alert

    Diagnostics trouble codes and malfunction indicator light status.

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    Vehicle Alert

    Automated alerts sent to you via email or text message allow you to monitor fleet activity while away from your computer.

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    Idle Alert

    If vehicles are idling longer than a user defined threshold.

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    Fuel Efficiency Alert

    With Trackua, it’s all possible; keep your eyes as of an eagle on the fuel consumption of each vehicle.

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    Speed Alert

    If vehicles are speeding.

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    Geo-Fence Alert

    If a vehicle has entered or exited a geofence area at a specific time.