Trackua Infosystem


Fleet GPS vehicle tracking systems have been proven to help businesses optimize their fleet’s performance. In fact, many vehicle managers see a huge difference in cost savings within days of purchasing a new GPS fleet tracking system.

Trackua adds a whole new element to GPS fleet tracking with specific Green features designed to reduce fuel consumption.

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    Reduced Fuel Usage

    With today’s fuel prices continue to climb, every hour your drivers spend driving on the road ends up costing you money. It’s a fact: High speeds and jackrabbit starts burn fuel. However, driver behavior without valid data is hard to control.

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    Regain Control

    Know what your drivers are doing or rather not doing at all times:Ensure your drivers are at their best and being productive.Catch those drivers who indulge in so-called ‘risky maneuvers’ such as speeding, harsh braking and acceleration and cornering.

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    Productivity And Profit

    Trackua can help improve driver productivity by 10 additional hours per week. That’s almost 40 hours+ a month. This is equivalent to 3 months of service job per accounting year.

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    Reduce Labour Cost

    If you are concerned that you’re one of the vehicle owners who have not given this subject enough thought, take action now! Get real time alerts whenever your vehicles/fleet do not follow the policy YOU set on Trackua.

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    Business Intelligence

    Business Intelligence leads to better business decision-making. It transforms raw data into meaningful, useful and easy-to-understand information about their operations.

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    Plot Your Assets

    As your operation grow, it is important that you need a foul proof GIS system in place to store organization location data to bring in/deliver the right amount of goods and services, in the correct place, at the best time and price to meet market demand or fulfill potential.