Trackua Infosystem


Trackua on Cloud track vehicles on map, monitor fuel usage, helps cut operational losses in half and increase fleet/driver productivity. It gives instant alerts on events to improve green driving, timely delivery; automate trip schedule & notify you on vehicle maintenance.

Concerned about vehicle safety? So are we!! Whether you are tracking vehicles, your valuable assets or personnel, Trackua system is an easy-to-use; internet based software that provides everything you need to improve your fleet’s efficiency.

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    Real time Alerts & Notifications

    Notification alerts can be sent to you by SMS/Email/Both (as you prefer) on vehicle abnormalities, mechanical warnings & failures and irresponsible & careless driving techniques. Real-time GPS tracking gives you peace of mind, making it real easy to monitor and put an end to unauthorized usage of vehicles against company interests.

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    POI Bookmark Overlay

    Physical locations of all created Point of Interests (POI’s) visible on map. This gives a vivid idea for you to get an overall understanding of the vehicle location with physical points being marked on the map; especially when you have pick up & drop points.AVLView GPS vehicle tracking is developed by a highly talented team with enormous expertise & exposure in industry.

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    Fuel Efficiency Management

    Hiking fuel prices & losing economy, a world of instability and sudden death of business enterprises where competitions heading to a peak; do you need any more reason to use a real time GPS vehicle tracking system to manage your fleet? With Trackua, it’s all possible; keep your eyes as of an eagle on the fuel consumption of each vehicle.

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    Vehicle History Trail & Backup

    Detailed history of your vehicles available for upto 6 months with route trails & directional arrows in this application helps you to determine the location & the path through which your vehicles were travelling at a specified time in the past. This feature records exact location, time, direction, distance covered, vehicle speed and fuel readings of all vehicles.

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    Professional Reports & Charts

    Decision making has never been so easy before in any other real time GPS tracking application. Trackua has made fleet management simple, elegant and easy to understand with the introduction of colorful charts and valuable reports. No longer do you have to sit with documents on the fuel data, distance run and anything & everything related to fleet management.

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    Fleet, Driver and Team Management

    Trackua is not just an other vendor who supplies fleet management solutions to the millions out there. Our wise fleet management consultants can help you identify the real issues that deteriorate your business. Many of our clients operate in difficult and remote environments where effective management of human and material resources equates to significant economic savings.