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"Real-time GPS Personal Tracking: Online monitoring of your personnel"

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TRACKUA is the software which is located at the control center and it forms the brain of the system.

Trackua contacts with the vehicle kits, gathers information from them and processes this info.Information coming from the vehicle is viewed over a GIS (Geographical Information System) system which is integrated to the TRACKUA software.This system enables users to see which route the vehicle uses over digital maps.

There are basically three types of tracking:

  • Live Tracking: Track your personal vehicles, kids, and valuable assets in one click. You just need our system access. Login to our system Add your Assets Details and Track it.You can get live status of your vehicle position and find it very easily.

  • Multi Tracking: Trackua supports multiple tracking devices for a wide range off applications, such as vehicle tracking, asset tracking and personal tracking. Multiple communication methods are also supported, including SMS, GPRS/3G and Satellite. Trackua is a real time GPS tracking application with a web interface, built on the MultiTrack platform with support for tracking, reporting, flexible event rules, etc.

  • History Tracking: By the History Tracking you can track your assets location history. You can get complete history of your vehicle between a given input time period.You can see all tracking history visually on the map with all details like if it’s a vehicle then it’s speed, fuel level, direction and much more..We have a very efficient system for all of your needs also using our software you can more secure your valuable assets.

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