Trackua Infosystem


This feature allows you to have reports automatically delivered to 1 or more e-mails on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is one of the most time-saving features that keeps your cost of managing your fleet low.

The Trackua GPS fleet management system offers up to 20 user defined reports. From starts and stops to detailed maintenance tables, Trackua GPS has the reports you need to make operating your fleet a breeze. Some of the reports available are:

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    Engine Runtime Report

    The Engine Runtime Report monitors and calculates the total start and stop times for a selected date range. Perfect for seeing which equipment ran on which job and for how long.

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    Activity Report

    The most commonly used, the activity report gives a comprehensive look into the activity of a vehicle or group of vehicles. The report shows when and where the vehicle started moving, for how long, how fast and the distance traveled. In addition, it shows when and where it stopped and for how long.

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    Distance Report

    This report gives the miles driven per vehicle by state.

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    OverSpeed Report

    The OverSpeed Report shows the date, time, location and speed of a selected vehicle over a specified time. A filter can be set to show only data over a certain speed.

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    Stoppage Report

    The Stoppage Report illustrates all stops made within the specified date and time range for the selected vehicle or group of vehicles. A filter can be applied that shows only stops over a specified number of minutes.

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    Idle Time Report

    With the GPS Insight Idle Time Report you can list every stop that a vehicle makes over a given time period and how long the vehicle was stopped at each of those locations. It also allows you to view the number of hours of idle time, percentage of idle time, and GHG emitted (in tons) for a vehicle or a group of vehicles.

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    Idle Detail Report

    The Idle Detail Report can be run on an individual vehicle or a group of vehicles. It will display individual idle events for each selected vehicle, along with the driver, address, and greenhouse gas emissions information for that event.

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    State Mileage Report

    A State Mileage Report quantifies your vehicle's mileage over a period of time. This is invaluable for preparing Interstate Fuel Tax returns. This report uses both odometer readings from the engine's computer as well as straight line distance to give two similar mileages.

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    Time Sheet Report

    The time sheet report shows the date, time, and location of when the vehicle selected started and finished within the specified time frame. Perfect for time cards.

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    Geo-Fence Report

    The alerts report shows all Geo-fence, speeding, idle, acceleration, and deceleration alerts received from the device. For example, a speed threshold might be set for 80 MPH, if the vehicle exceeded 80MPH it is logged in this report.